Blue Oysters

Blue Oysters

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The most important benefits of Blue Oyster Mushrooms include:

Boosts the immune system by antioxidants, vitamin B-complex, C, and D in this super food mushroom! Selenium is also found in Blue Oyster mushrooms which is important for mental and thyroid health along with many other systems in the body.

Protein, Bone Support (vitamin D and calcium), and also good for your heart! Blue oyster mushrooms contain an amino acid called ergothioneine and potassium, which help maintain our blood vessels' health, resulting in a happy heart!

Cooking with them is very easy as with all oyster variety you will want to sweat them (dry cook) before adding fats, oils, garlic, etc if pan frying. They have a very meaty texture, mild in flavor so if you are new to the mushroom world these would be a great place to start!